Android is pretty cool because:
  • it's based on Linux, sqlite, freetype, OpenGL etc.
  • the Java-like VM and libraries are Open Source
  • great phones, tablets and others are coming out with Android
  • the framework has declarative syntax for GUI and animation
  • the framework as a nice inter-process communication (Intents)
  • people are porting it to all kinds of devices (netbooks, other phones etc.)
  • it's designed to cope with limited hardware (e.g. no mouse, keyboard, small screen, little storage etc.)


The main Android doc lives there

Apparently Netbeans can be used to develop for Android although Eclipse is the official environment.


Conversion to other platforms#


Conversion from other platforms#

  • Cuby offers Java ME compatibility for Android (so it's a bit like J2ME library)

Hardware support#

Hardware requirements#

In 2008 Rubin said in an interview that smaller machines were targeted too and listed the following requirements:
  • 32MB RAM
  • 32MB Flash Memory
  • 200MHz Online Processor

Alternative hardware#

The following have been used to run Android:

The following might be able to do it:

New hardware to run Android#

There are a lot of phones running Android but many tablets are coming out too.

Software development#

Small drawing app#

I am writing a small Android drawing app based on the one in ApiDemos. New features include partial redraws, use of a layout, zoom.

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