JavaFX seems cool but the deployment possibilities are weak:

  • On the desktop computers that have an updated JRE can run JavaFX applet (but OpenJDK on Ubuntu 10.04 just dies)
  • There doesn't seem to be any phone advertised as supporting JavaFX. The HTC Diamond that Sun was giving away at JavaONE 2009 was running Windows Mobile. Not exactly a market leader.

To be able to deploy on a lot of older hardware it seems safer to target the old J2ME and use a compatibility library to port the software to modern hardware (J2ME library)

On mobile hardware HTML5 provides better deployment (iPhone + Android + new Blackberrys etc.). I wonder if GWT could be used to convert non-GWT java code (say a little game using J2ME) to Javascript. There are restrictions for the Java to Javascript.

Still JavaFX has cool features:

  • easily reuse Java code
  • cross-platform GUIs with great graphics
  • declarative approach
  • properties, events

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