To build a set of Java objects which can be used from a UNIX command line, and also as POJOs in any Java application, for interacting with a wiki server.

A simple Java wrapper around the Apache XMLRPC library. Provides a simple interface to put and get wiki pages.

*[Just starting out, code is skeleton only|https://spacepirates.com/ro/WikiRPC] ([rw|https://spacepirates.com/rw/WikiRPC])

A simple Java wrapper around the Apache Velocity tool. Can be used to merge properties and POJOs with velocity templates. The templates could be Wiki markup, which after merging, would be added to a wiki using WikiRPC.

*[Fully functional|https://spacepirates.com/ro/TemplateWrapper]([rw|https://spacepirates.com/rw/TemplateWrapper])


WikiRPC wrpc = new ConfluenceWikiRPC();
TemplateWrapper template = new PropFileTemplate();
wrpc.put("myspace/newpage", template.merge());