To build a set of Java objects which can be used from a UNIX command line, and also as POJOs in any Java application, for interacting with a wiki server.

A simple Java wrapper around the [Apache XMLRPC|http://ws.apache.org/xmlrpc/index.html] library. Provides a simple interface to put and get wiki pages.

*[Just starting out, code is skeleton only|https://spacepirates.com/ro/WikiRPC] ([rw|https://spacepirates.com/rw/WikiRPC])

There is a Java client for Confluence using XML-RPC: [swizzle|http://swizzle.codehaus.org/Home]
A simple Java wrapper around the [Apache Velocity|http://velocity.apache.org/] tool. Can be used to merge properties and POJOs with velocity templates. The templates could be Wiki markup, which after merging, would be added to a wiki using WikiRPC.

*[Fully functional|https://spacepirates.com/ro/TemplateWrapper]([rw|https://spacepirates.com/rw/TemplateWrapper])


WikiRPC wrpc = new ConfluenceWikiRPC();
TemplateWrapper template = new PropFileTemplate();
wrpc.put("myspace/newpage", template.merge());

The documentation for Velocity is [here|http://velocity.apache.org/engine/releases/velocity-1.7/user-guide.html]