!!Ideas for Enhancement to SWDWiki

* Add "show source" parameter, to have plugins show their wiki markup as well as their normal output. This will be useful for documenting plugins (only have to put the markup in once instead of twice...)

!New Plugins
* ImageMapPlugin - Enhance the ImagePlugin to allow definition of clickable areas via markup in the body of the plugin.

* [SIMILE Widgets|http://www.simile-widgets.org/]

* WebWidget - a plugin which uses Velocity templates instead of StringBuilders, and enables embedding new widgets without writing any Java code at all. The template will contain variables, the variables will automatically be mapped to plugin parameters so they can be set in the usual JSPWiki way.

!New Editors
* Bespin - Create Wiki syntax plugin for Bespin, figure out how to use Bespin within JSPWiki.

*Implement API for remote access to modify/create pages (or just create a REST view layer and be done with it...)

!Eliminate Ugly URLs and Modal Views
* Implement REST view layer 
* REST URLs should allow to get HTML or source of page.
* editing happens in line via AJAX, not by switching to Edit.jsp mode

||Entity ||Example URL
| page | http://mywiki.com/page/TheBigBang 
| page, listing of all versions | http://mywiki.com/page/TheBigBang/version/
| page, version | http://mywiki.com/page/TheBigBang/version/113
| page, listing of all attachments | http://mywiki.com/page/TheBigBang/attachment/
| page, attachment | http://mywiki.com/page/TheBigBang/attachment/bigbang.png
| page, attachment, version | http://mywiki.com/page/TheBigBang/attachment/bigbang.png/version/4
| page, as wiki text source | http://mywiki.com/page/TheBigBang/source
| page, version, source | http://mywiki.com/page/TheBigBang/version/113/source

!! Related ideas
* [Wiki Dreams]

!!Wiki Flash Cards
Take this [simple AJAX app|http://swdouglass.com/flashcards/] and turn it into a wiki plugin using the template wrapper plugin.