Wiki as filesystem#

There have been some nice experiments to make a wiki behave more like a filesystem:

FUSE is a promising technology available on most *nix platforms (works on MacOS X, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris)

There quite a few obstacles in the way of a seamless solution:

  • Windows seems to have made webdav optional
  • Firefox does not know how to handle dav protocol and Gnome does not allow to follow the links if the webdav is not already mounted.

Wiki as web hosting solution#

It would be useful to be able to just add a bunch of html files on a wiki and have it host them. For instance and zip file could be attached and a special URL could be used to access the contents of the zip file with names such that local hyperlinks of the contents would work.

Storage filesystem#

The Wiki needs a filesystem to store its pages and attachments. JSPWiki uses the plain filesystem to do that and does versioning itself (although Emforge does it with subversion).

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