Wiki and shell#

Shell script/command is a bit like a wiki plugin. A console with history is a bit like a long web page. A wiki page could be a sequence of command, output. Or each command output goes in separate page and a session history shows the N latest subpages. Command line output has markup: return, tab, colors. A regular VT is needed to use VI or other fullscreen programs. I need more markup otherwise it's not worth the overhead of the webpage/wiki. Possibilities:

  • recognise certain data forms, add markup (e.g. http, mailto, date)
  • recognize command or wrap command with dedicated filter that adds markup
  • allow new commands to add markup in their output

Ideas for markup#

  • makes table a table
  • add links to documentation
  • add links that execute a command in the current shell)
  • add image (e.g. Gnuplot output)
  • add tag that tells JSPWiki to use a plugin (e.g. JfreeChart around some data).
  • add menu of contextual actions
  • add anchors that can be used to reuse output into new shell commands. Scenarios:
  • click on prompt showing path, choose ls
  • type lsof, output is decorated, pids show a menu of actions (pargs, stack, pwdx...)
  • file prettifier annotates documentation with doc links etc.
  • script displays information with local links and certain information as popups, linked pages

Bad scenarios#

  • How to handle tail?
  • ls -l on big directory is useless, big, pollutes search results, how to get rid of it?
  • vi and other interactive programs don't mix well

Terminal Emulation in JavaScript#

Several terminal emulators are available which could be modified to enhance the text they display and or redirect it to web services.
<script type="text/javascript" src="anyterm.js">
<script type="text/javascript">
  window.onload=function() {
    create_term("term1","%h (Anyterm%v)",25,80,"","",50);
  var on_close_goto_url = "";
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="anyterm.css">
<div id="term1"></div>

The JavaScript terminal even handles applications like top nicely: anyterm.png

Extend anyterm#

It would be nice to have escape characters in a terminal that allow shell scripts and programs to add hyperlinks to the text. Or javascript, for,instance to define a unix command. The user can then click on the text that is thus annotated and follow the hyperlink or see the annotation appear at the prompt

Writing to a wiki from the shell#

If we have FUSE and a filesystem view of the wiki then it's easy to write to a wiki from the shell. But one is not always root and some systems don't have fuse. So another idea would be to create a couple of commands that access a wiki and use environment variables.

Ideally curl would be used but authentication is not always easy. So it might be necessary to use a Java/XMLRPC API to acces the wikis:

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