CRUD for LDAP contacts is working as of SVN revision 198.


For ages, some people have desired an LDAP client sufficient to use as an address book.

Such an LDAP client must have the following features:

  • Create, update and delete LDAP entries
    • Edit attributes which are part of the distinguished name (DN)
    • Create update and delete attributes

Starting from:

Need to continue using the DN=uid=random,uid=realuser,ou=People... trick as not sure how to describe "uniqueness" in LDAP without unique DNs.

The URIs for the contacts will be http://server:port/addressbook/contact/uid

Exiting LDAP CLients#


The ldapservice project provides a Java EE web application with a REST API for interacting with an LDAP server.


The ldapclient project provides and HTML5 application which is a GUI interacting with the ldapservice.

Dealing with Updating DN#

  • Edit DN: clone, change DN, remove original, insert clone with new DN




Netbeans 7 has some handy code generation tools (e.g. constructors, toString, hashCode, etc.).

Netbeans 7 automatically detects Jersey web services and shows the RESTful Web Service node in the project tree.

Netbeans 7 detects copy and pasted class references and generates the necessary import statements.

Netbeans 7 autodeploy on change to Tomcat is working nicely, even detects changes to Spring context.xml.

Netbeans 7 automatically fills in the correct xsi:schemalocation URLs when you add an xmlns: to your Spring context.xml.


Code has been committed. Here's is an XML output from the "addressbook" service:


And here's the mocked contact output in JSON:

  "displayName":"Joe Lion","faxNumber":"","firstName":"Joe",
  "homePhone":"510 222 5555","htmlEmail":"false","lastName":"Lion",
  "mobileNumber":"510 333 6666","nickname":"JoeL","pagerNumber":"",
  "displayName":"Sam Snake","faxNumber":"","firstName":"Sam",
  "homePhone":"510 444 5555","htmlEmail":"false","lastName":"Snake",
  "mobileNumber":"510 555 6666","nickname":"SamS","pagerNumber":"",

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