A mindmap offers a visual representation of a tree/graph of text items. It makes it easy to change the point of view (move around, fold/unfold).
A wiki offers a page-based view of hyperlinked text. Typically one page of a graph of pages is visible at a time. Publishing and sharing is very easy with a Wiki.
Instead of [hosting mindmap files on a wiki|EmbeddedMindMap], it seems interesting to map a mindmap to a bunch of wiki pages.

A wiki page is mostly text, some text is hyperlinked to the wiki, some to the outside and some to nothing. The page also has structure which would be nice to map to structure too. The structure can be styled (H1, H2, bullet list etc.).

This could be mapped like this in Freemind:
* wiki hyperlink: regular branch, the pointed page is a child branch.
* external hyperlink: hyperlink
* regular text: a branch leading nowhere
* h1, h2: a branch with title, lower levels become subbranches.
* list: a branch without text
* table: maybe a branch per row, a subbranch per column repeating the column name, a subsubbranch with the data


!!Generate Wiki Pages from FreeMind
*Transform a mindmap (.mm) into a set of wiki pages (batch mode).
*Modify [FreeMind|http://freemind.sourceforge.net/] to update the wiki via RPC as nodes are added removed (real time mode)

!!Generate FreeMind MindMaps from Wiki Pages
*map Wiki tags into Freemind tags, represent the .mm as simple text structure (wikiwiki for .mm as opposed to HTML). ''How to render the resulting page? Needs to be .mm fie to be opened by the applet.''
*Write an app that crawls the wiki and translates the structure into a .mm0
*Use the WikiEngine's search feature to get sets of pages to be turned into a .mm (store the .mm on the server, view it with the applet)

!!!Related tools
Graphics editors that work well on the web could be useful:
* [http://svg-edit.googlecode.com/svn/branches/2.5/editor/svg-editor.html]
* [Spacegraph Macro|http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DOC/Spacegraph+Macro] for Confluence wiki. It uses graphviz to plot a graph of the pages in a wiki space.
* Since a mindmap is often represent as vector graphics, this is related to [Wiki and SVG]